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Why Start a B2B & B2C online Store on eoem ?

If you're running a manufacturing facility and selling your products to businesses or enduers or you're a wholesale company, you need to automate the product purchasing process. The easier and faster your purchasers can make order from you, the more they are satisfied and the bigger the chance they will stay with you. we can help you build an effective and easy-to-use B2B eCommerce store. and If you plan to have a B2C storefront in addition to B2B, Eoem will be a perfect choice for you. All thanks to vendors feature: create independent B2B and B2C storefronts and control them via the vendors panel.

Sellers / Service / Vendors

Eoem is the ecommerce retail platform, serving you from all over the world    
  • Advanced Payments System

    Payments management is the most significant part of every online marketplace

  • Advanced Promotions System

    More opportunities to boost their sales,offer free shipping, discounts, free products, coupon codes, group buying, auctions and more

  • After Service Managerment System

    Refers to various processes which make sure customers are satisfied with the products and services of the organization

  • Comments and Reviews System

    Bring your sales to a new level with user-generated content

  • Design Editor System

    Can easily configure a color scheme and the style of your storefront

  • Order Managerment System

    Offer you and your customers the most convenient checkout process

  • Products Managerment System

    A powerful tool used to management all of your products information and product categories

  • Reports & Statistics System

    An advanced analytics tool reports are a record of activity over a particular period of time, It is impossible to run a successful marketplace without deep analysis based on statistics and reports

  • Real-time Shipping System

    Shipping charges can depend on customer's location, total order cost, weight and so on

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