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What should pay attention to when adding new products?

Product Management > What should pay attention to when adding new products?

Important things to note when adding new products:


Product Name    

  • A simple and clear product name can effectively improve the probability of customers searching for the product

Product Brand    

  • If the brand of a product is relatively well-known, it is best to mark the brand of the product

Product Specification    

  • Specifications are mainly information about the color and size of the product

Product Price    

  • The price is based on the product specifications, the EOEM specification price is: Product SKU price = product price + attribute price

Product Description    

  • Please use graphics and text as much as possible to display the characteristics of the product

Shipping Methods    

  • Choosing the right Shipping method can effectively increase the customer's purchase probability

Product Weight    

  • Please fill in according to the actual weight of the product, the weight unit can not be ignored, the weight is used to calculate the shipping cost

Product keywords and brief description    

  • The keywords of the product mainly describe what the product is. If it is a computer, it must be written on the computer and try to avoid unnecessary words

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