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Can't get discount ?

Help & FAQ > Can't get discount ?
During big sales, such as our Anniversary sale and 11.11, you can enjoy fixed discounts on your orders. These discounts are given on a first come, first served basis, and also come with a minimum spending requirement. For example: Get US $20 off when you spend $100.

If you didn't get your discount, there might be a few reasons:

  • You didn't meet the minimum spending requirement,You can add more items to your cart and try to place your order again.

  • We're no longer offering the discount, Discounts are given on a first come, first served basis. It could be that other users were faster than you and we've stopped offering the discount. To find out, refresh the product page to see if the discount offer is still online.

  • At the moment, some our sellers do not accept discounts and coupons.

Currently, you can check on coupon page and select different tag add into your account.

If you don't find the coupon under your account, please check below possible reasons:

  • Check whether the campaign is still valid. It may has not yet started or already expired.

  • Check whether the coupon is issued based on first come, first served basis. The coupon may already run out and you can try earlier in next round.

If you still can't get discount, please check below reasons:

  • A limited amount of discounts are available. Distributed on a first come, first served basis, you may not get discount when it is out of stock.

  • Check the deadline of discount. As we always have various activities on site, you can join other activities to get coupons and discounts.

  • Check if you meet the minimum spending requirements. For example, if it shows "US $7.00 off per US $89.00", it means you can get the US $7 discount only when your order value is over US $89.

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