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how do I retrieve password of my account?

Help & FAQ > how do I retrieve password of my account?

If you have forgot the password to log in the account, please follow the steps to retrieve password.

  • Go to login page, and click [Forgot your Password?] to enter into the Identity Verification page. there are 2 ways to retrieve password, by sms or by Email

* If you did not receive your SMS verification code, please notice that:

  • Your text code may take up to 10 minutes to arrive (depending on your local mobile operator), please do not repeat clicking.

  • Network anomalies may cause loss of messages, please re-submit request or try again later with different browsers or with browser cookies cleared.

  • Please check if your mobile phone is out of service or blocking our messages or message inbox is full.

  • You may also try to move your SIM card to another mobile phone and try again.

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