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How do I track an order?

Help & FAQ > How do I track an order?
Once your customers complete their purchase, they really only have one thing on their mind: when will their order show up? This question can arise despite your best efforts to clearly display estimated shipping windows, which is why it’s so important to make shipment tracking available as early as possible.

How to solve
The more effectively you communicate available tracking options, the fewer follow-ups you’ll get from anxious customers.Nearly 90% of customers surveyed said they track the delivery status of their orders. Adding tracking numbers to all fulfilled orders can save you a lot of questions down the line. You can also offer tracking to put the power in the customers' hands.

You can also add or customize an order status page in your store. After adding a tracking number, your customers can use it to view shipping updates from their order page.

By surfacing tracking information where customers are likely to look—e.g. post-purchase emails and your Order Status page—many customers will be able to answer “How do I track my order?” on their own.

On EOEM you can tracking your order details at your dashboard in Order List

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