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A stand-out unboxing experience

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After all the work required to successfully ship and fulfill your orders, you want to provide an equally great experience when customers finally get to open their package. With a bit of planning, you can create a stand-out unboxing experience that drives real business results.

To encourage social shares, consider branded packaging, a small gift, or a call-to-action asking people to share their experience. This can be as simple as a small business card with your social handles, a hashtag, and a (polite!) request that they post on social media if they enjoy your products. Posts from happy customers are also some of the most valuable user-generated content available to you, but remember to secure permission before repurposing any content created by your customers.

Asking for social shares is a great way to get some user-generated content to fill up your social feeds for the next few months.

Since there's a strong chance that at least a few of your holiday orders are gifts, including social media prompts into the packaging itself is one way to make sure they're seen by the intended recipient. Mom and Dad are probably not going to Instagram a unicorn highlighter, especially since it will ruin the surprise.

If you want to drive repeat business, consider adding samples of your other products, or include a coupon code on your packing slip that encourages repeat orders, like free shipping on their next purchase or 10% off if they buy again in the new year.

Knowing many of your purchases will be gifts can inform your strategy, too. For example, try including two coupons—one for the gift-giver, and one for the recipient—as a way to potentially get two customers for the price of one. If you include samples, your products may end up in the hands of someone who would never have tried your product otherwise—that's a win.

As a small business, one advantage you have over big-box competitors is the ability (and willingness) to do things that don't necessarily scale. If you want to make a strong impression during major sales seasons, remind your customers that they're supporting real people with their purchase by including a personalized touch like a hand-written thank you note.

No matter what unboxing experience you're trying to create, you'll need to make sure you have the supplies to make it happen before you're sitting down to ship your orders out, which is why it's important to plan well ahead of a rush to get your supplies in time. Your well-laid plans will only be realized if you can actually implement them.

As a small business gearing up to get a piece of the holiday sales action, it's important to get your logistics on point well ahead of the busy shopping season.
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