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Cut down on our shipping costs

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If increasing prices isn't in the cards, and you want to trim down on costs to help make your shipping more affordable for you and your customers, there's one big thing that's within your control.

"When you're thinking exclusively about cutting costs, the biggest factor you can change is your ecommerce packaging,"  Sees a lot of merchants who could be saving some cash by trimming down the weight of their packaging.

"It's really easy to buy or get packaging that is a little bit bigger than what you're actually sending, like if you're using a box when you could be using a poly mailer, or even a padded envelope if you need a little bit more protection. Your shipping cost is dependent on the size of the package and the weight of the package. Cardboard is heavy, and anywhere you can trim down weight will help you win over time."

And if you're currently paying for your packaging, a bit of research could save you some money.

"Almost all of the carriers give away free packaging. So for example, the USPS has poly mailers and boxes that they just give away for free. They're for specific mail classes, and sizes, but it's worth taking a look to see what you can get for free. The same goes for UPS and DHL Express."

Whether you're getting your packaging for free, or ordering custom packaging to level up your unboxing experience, knowing what types and sizes of packages you use most often can also save you money.

"Start by measuring your products, and figure out how many you typically send at one time. That will help you figure out what sizes will fit for the orders that you ship most often. So if you're selling 1 item at a time, versus several, just look at your order history to figure it out and order packaging that would fit with your normal orders."
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