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Shopping festival days payment tips

Help & FAQ > Shopping festival days payment tips
Payment for multiple items can be done in one batch.
  • please be advised to pay for maximum 30 items in one batch to avoid payment failure during peak time of payment processing.

Product with discount is limited.

  • please pay for your order as soon as possible after selection. Price will back to original one if product with discount is out of stock.

Price adjustment can be done by seller for your order.

  • please refresh your order to get latest price after adjustment for payment. Payment will be rejected if value received does not match with order value.

Payment may not reflect timely during peak time of payment processing

  • please wait for few minutes more before clicking 'Pay now' again to avoid duplicated payment.

Some payment methods or currencies are not available for payment temporary.

  • please pay in USD instead or pay through other card/payment methods if possible.
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