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Xiaomu MIJIA wireless handheld mopping machine

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Xiaomu MIJIA wireless handheld mopping machine
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Xiaomu MIJIA wireless handheld mopping machine


Name:Xiaomu MIJIA wireless handheld mopping machine
Usage Time :60Mins
Material :ABS
Water Tank Capacity :230ML
Feature :Cordless
Power (W) :<800W
Voltage :110V
Certification :ce
Power Type :Rechargeable
Release Date :2019
Battery :2000mAH DC12.6V 1A

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MIJIA wireless handheld mopping machine

Can wipe the floor 1000 times a minute
Efficient cleaning. Wireless control. Fan-shaped water spray. Touch-type charging base
This is a mop that the whole family loves
The MIJIA wireless handheld device can reduce the labor cost of bending down and cleaning the floor repeatedly for a long time. Significantly reduce the steps of housework. Wipe the floor thousands of times per minute. The floor can be cleaned quickly, and the fan- shaped water spray design is more effective in removing ground stains. Reduce the burdensome and time-consuming chores.
1000 reciprocating movements per minute, simulating human hand scrubbing.
The high-speed drive motor drives the external motion board. Can simulate artificial mopping. 1000 reciprocating motions per minute, which generate high-frequency friction with the floor, can effectively remove stubborn stains on the surface, and quickly remove dust, dirt, hair , etc. Therefore, the mopping machine can be cleaned quickly and cleanly.
Built-in 2200mAh lithium battery, lasting driving force for 60 minutes.
The wireless charging design of the mopping machine makes the mopping process free from the complicated power cord. This machine uses a large capacity 2200mAh lithium battery. It can be charged by docking the charging pile. It can work continuously for more than 60 minutes at a time, Support the cleaning task of 4-6 small households.  TookFun.
Two mops, free choice.
Clean the mop at one time and throw away hands-free after use.
Cleaning the mop is a necessary step in housework and a time-consuming step. The improved one-time cleaning of the mop is more convenient to change after use, eliminating the need to wash the mop. The disposable cleaning mop can be seamlessly attached to the sports board magic tape, which is tight and firm, and has a stronger cleaning ability.
Durable rag, powerful cleaning can be reused.
The rag is made of the best material and can easily deal with various stains such as footprints on the floor, juice residue, and oil stains. Flannel loops can easily remove hair. The durable cleaning rag is reusable for powerful, long-lasting cleaning power .
Multifunctional all-in-one.
Can be dry mop or wet mop.Fan-shaped spray design reduces dust and removes stains.
The fan-shaped water spray design can evenly wet the ground, and it can suppress dust and remove old stains. Make the mopping machine take away dust and stains more effectively. It can be wiped clean and bright. Facing the dry, semi-dry , semi-wet, and wet floor, you can wipe it clean.
It can move forward and backward, Can move freely. No need to bend over
Wireless design, a handle that can be controlled with one hand. 180 ° flexible rotation makes it easier to wipe all kinds of corners, The scrubbing path can be adjusted at will. The design of the wipe and spray switch is simple and easy to use . The reciprocating motion of the mop"s moving board can help to move forward and backward. No need to bend over. Very easy.
Touch the charging pile upright.
During the scrubbing process, the scrubbing task can be stopped at any time, and the Mop will automatically sleep after 2 minutes, which is safe and energy saving. Standing upright can get rid of the trouble of falling to the ground. After use, it will stand upright against the charging pile for charging. Continuous use.
Product details.
Water spray design, fan-shaped water mist sprays down uniformly, moisten the ground and soak the stains.
Water tank safety indicator light. When the water tank is full of water, the full water indicator lights up to remind the water volume to prevent overflow.
LED lighting, 14 LED lamp beads in front, evenly illuminate dark gaps ,.
Automatic shutdown when standing, push the lever forward to the vertical state, the host will automatically lock, safe and does not consume battery power
Charging pile design. After using the mop. Lean on the charging pile to charging. Very convenient.
The handle is flexible and easy to operate.
During the use of the mopping machine, the connecting shaft of the fuselage is flexibly rotated by turning the handle, and the front-rear angle can reach 45 °, and the left-right angle can reach 180 °. Very easy to move. TookFun.
Lightweight and stylish design
The curved body design, up to 7cm, is easy to remove dust under the wardrobe, bed, sofa, and thoroughly clean the home environment.
List of goods
Main engine * 1.
Charging pile * 1
Metal tube * 2
Handle * 1 (includes handle button battery)
Disposable cleaning mop * 10
Durable cleaning mop * 1
Water cup * 1
Power cord * 1
Manual * 1


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2020-06-26 21:58:30
Это SWDK, нигде в коробке нет никакого упоминания о Xiaomi, так что тут хз, наврали или нет. Ну а качество посмотрим, пока только получил. И да, заказ обрабатывался почти неделю и доставлялся СДЭКом - самой ужасной транспортной компанией в галактике
2020-06-12 02:59:19
Идеально, быстро рекомендую
2020-06-11 03:21:33
моет супер ,как только пришла помыл весь дом быстро и с лёгкостью.Спасибо большое продавцу,и тем кто изобрел такую швабру.
2020-06-11 01:29:56
сомнительная покупка, вроде моет, восторга не вызывает
2020-06-09 06:58:31
Sehr schnelle Lieferung. Produkt wie beschrieben.
2020-06-03 00:56:59
Работает, доставка 3 недели до СПб, и то если бы сам в Сдек не позвонил, то ещё бы дольше.
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