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Glass+case For Apple Watch serie 5 4 44mm 40mm iWatch 3 42mm 38mm Tempered bumper Screen Protector+cover apple watch Accessories


Name:Glass+case For Apple Watch serie 5 4 44mm 40mm iWatch 3 42mm 38mm Tempered bumper Screen Protector+cover apple watch Accessories
Brand Name :NoEnName_Null
style8 :for applle aple i watch
style16 :For Apple Watch Screen Protector
style15 :for Apple Watch glass
style14 :for iwatch case 44mm 40mm
style13 :for apple watch bumper
style12 :for apple watch cover
style11 :for apple watch 4 case 44mm 40mm
style10 :for apple watch 5 case 44mm 40mm
style9 :for apple watch case 44mm 40mm
style7 :for apple watch Accessories
Case Material :Plastic

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Tempered Glass+case For Apple Watch 5 4 44mm 40mm iWatch 3 2 1 42mm 38mm Screen Protector+cover bumper apple watch Accessories

COMPATIBLE: Compatible for Apple Watch Series 5  4  3  2 1 ,Ultra-thin PC protective case with screen protector allows quick and easy installation, Perfect fit for your watch. MATERIAL: Durable PC & PET material cover the screen and edges. Full cover protect your iWatch, prevents scratches and wear. DESIGN: Smart design allows access to all controls, buttons, sensors and Apple watch features. Charge directly, don"t need to take off the watch case. SCREEN PROTECTOR: The PET material screen protector can be repeatedly wiped with a glasses cloth, to ensure the clarity of the screen without affecting repeated use. (TIPS): This cases is not waterproof, it doesn¡t support while swimming. If you forgetto take it off, or using this product at gym or sports activities may cause the moisture to be trapped between this product and the watch screen. You just need to wipe with a glasses cloth. Package Included: 1 x Full matte plastic case for apple watch

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2020-06-27 19:28:01
2주걸림. 실버엔 이 케이스가 제일 좋은것 같아요 재구매예정
2020-06-27 09:03:01
배송이야 어쩔수 없지만, 착용해보니 티도 별로 안나는 것이 좋습니다
2020-06-26 00:25:23
très bon produit a voir sur la longévité
2020-06-25 23:43:23
Ürün mükemmel ucuzlukta ve güzellikte teşekkür ediyorum
2020-06-25 17:16:37
good quallity . I like it Thanka
2020-06-24 23:09:29
1,5 haftada geldi Tam oturdu ama cam kısmının dokunmatik performansı çok başarılı değil
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